Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting for Fabric

The only stash I have is a yarn stash (well, besides the junk the kids have stashed in their closets...) anywho, can't wait 'til the UPS truck brings me my package from! I went to my local fabric store (is that considered a LFS? A Local Yarn Shop is an LYS) and they didn't have anything I liked so I hunkered down online with a steamy latte and found EXACTLY what I wanted. (and a whole lot more of course!) I will post photos as soon as the package arrives...the tracking page says Thursday! Woot Woot!

Happy Days!


Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Oh, I LOVE! Very dangerous. And Oh and too. Not to mention Etsy. Okay, I admit it. My name's Melissa and I'm a fabriholic.

Linda Stubbs said...

Hello, Melissa you are so funny. Carmen I also have to wait. I need to go to the fabric store to get some aqua. I have the red, just never used it before. I think it will be real pretty. Everyone is doing such a lovely job on their squares. My feet haven't hit the floor since we got back this last Friday.
Blessings everyone.......

Jenny said... is so addictive..and if you sign up for their newsletter they send so many tempting emails! and for some reason...I always seem to justify a purchase of $35 for the free shipping!! Im on a fabric buying ban right I may be hounding you Melissa to do a fabric swap!!! Im a fabriholic too!!
or is anyone intrested in a swap??

Becky said...

I, too am addicted to I ordered so many $35 orders in the last three weeks that they rewarded me with a coupon I can use as many times as I want in the two weeks before it expires. I now have a fabric stash. they have the best princess and novelty type fabrics. But I am most addicted to their three pound fabric remnant deal. It is only $16.95 I think, and you get half yard or bigger pieces that are just missing the top corner for a swatch that had been ordered. I have gotten such neat fabrics that I otherwise wouldn't have selected but can't wait to work into projects. And they have lots of panels which make such cute and fast baby gifts. I am addicted. I cut myself off when I saw my credit card total was higher than I thought it was. But there is plenty to work on! For awhile!

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

I would love to have a fabric swap. Sounds fun. I didn't know about that remnant deal but WOW. Next time I'm definitely getting that.

Jenny said...

I just emailed Becky about that remnant deal! Kinda wish she hadn't mentioned it, i have a REAL weakness for remnant packs myself!! Glad to see they are out of stock right now :)

I've done a few fabric swaps lately and they are kinda fun. I find I enjoy it more when I am pretty specific about what fabrics I would like to receive.

There are lots of Flickr sites for swaps, but I have just never gotten into figuring that all out. So, Missy, or anyone, would you be willing to swap with me? or as a group?

I'm really into designer fabrics right now. I love Amy Butler...Tula Pink (Nest and Flutterby), Heather Baily, Heather Ross, Sandi Henderson, Erin McMorris and thanks to Becky, I'm jonesing for a red and aqua collection now too!

Jenny said...

oh, forgot to mention my love of all things Denyse Schmidt! and Paula Prass flights of fancy..I could probably go on for a real long time!!!

Jenny said...

ok, probably my last ramdom thought for the swapping history has included small 3x3 scraps of my desired fabrics to fat quarters...really just whatever one has on hand and is willing to swap for another fabric. Think about it!!! :)