Saturday, December 4, 2010

December's Project...

I know that last months project was related to orphan care and this month's project is as well. Orphan care is very near to my heart and the need is overwhelming. Statistics say there are 143 million orphans in the world, children who go to bed without a mommy and daddy to tuck them in. Two of my children were once part of these statistics and I am so thankful today that I can say they are part of our family and no longer a number.
 Two of our children were born in China, our daughter lived there until she was 15 months old and our son until he was 27 months old. During our adoption trip to bring our son home, we had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with children who still wait in 3 different orphanages. Many of them wait because of medical needs, others because of their age and others simply because their paperwork has not been processed and there simply are not enough families willing to adopt.

You have a few options of what you can make this month for our project- we will be making items that will go to children in orphanages in China. If there is anyone out there reading that would like to join us, email me at and I will send you my address to mail items to. The items will be taken by 1 or 2 adoptive families who will be traveling in the spring to bring home their children or by us on our next trip to China, hopefully sometime later in 2011.

So here is the fun part...

If you would like to make items for little ones then here are some ideas...

Baby Bibs- there are a couple of easy tutorials here and here... It would be great if you could make 1 girl bib and 1 boy bib if you choose this option.
"Taggy Blankets" are awesome for little ones too to give them something soft and yet with some texture. Tutorials are available here.
I must admit- these are my FAVORITE... this is a great tutorial for a taggy monster:)
Baby Quilt- size can vary, they appreciate anything warm that can wrap a sweet little one up during cold winter days!

Here are ideas for older kids. Often the older kids are left out when it comes to gifts and items that they need or want to have. I have a great friend who's family is going back to adopt a 2nd older child. You can read about this experience and older orphans on her friend's blog here.

Pillow cases in fun "teen, hip" prints. Again it would be great if you choose this if you could make 2- one for a boy and a 2nd for a girl.  You can use whatever pattern you want but if you need a pattern, here are a couple of tutorials- #1 and here is the link to all the patterns on the 1 million pillowcase challenge.
"Softies" are also a favorite of mine! Who child whether in elementary school, middle school or a teen wouldn't like to have one of these... the patterns are endless but here are  few you can check out!
Quilts- this is a much bigger commitment but just in case anyone is interested- twin size quilts are great for teenagers too for their beds.

Hope you have fun and find an idea that fits you- feel free to make 1 or 5 or more... I will actually be collecting all through the spring.  Just thought I would leave you with this picture... this is our son while he was still in China- check out the taggie blanket that he has wrapped around him, we brought it home with him and it's still very loved to this day. It was one that I made and sent 7 months before he got to come home!
 Let me know if you have questions... Happy Sewing!!!!
I am in Colorado until late Monday night so I won't have Internet access again until then!


Tamera said...

How wonderful! I LOVE the picture!

I so admire those who are called to adopt. It's such an incredible ministry.

Me, I'm called to support those who adopt and to reach out to children waiting for a forever family.

I have a full-sized quilt just about finished, so I'll be able to send that, and I'm already making pillowcases for Christmas presents, so I'll just make a few more.

Patty@inStitches said...

What a wonderful project! And if they aren't shipping till spring, we have time to make more than one.
You are so right, everybody loves and does for babies, but older children often need us even more.
Love the picture, love Taggies, can't wait to get started!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

What a great project! I cannot wait to get started!

Unknown said...

I love this idea. I have several friends who have adopted and I have always thought if we decide to have children that we should adopt. What a great project. If I weren't eloping and going on my honeymoon this month I absolutely would have done a twin size quilt, but I won't have the time so I'll get to work on some of the smaller projects.

Jenny said...

I just have to say, I am so glad we changed the format for the 2nd round of A Dozen Quilters...I really do enjoy this feeling of 'making a difference'!!
Gayly, I already have 4 bibs, but Id like to try my first pillow cases too! and who knows...maybe a softie

quilt'n-mama said...

I am so excited that you guys are excited about this project as well. I am teaching Lenna and Abigayl to sew as well so they are also helping out with this one so I can't wait to share all the items that start coming in!

I will be collecting for awhile so if you have items later, that will be awesome too!

More info to share with you soon on this project:)