Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is toooooo precious!

Ladies ya know I really had a good idea when I did this little survey. Hehe. You are all so precious!!!! I love it. I feel like we are all becoming best friends. I hope everyone finds time to do this. I just think it is neat to see how all our liees are folding out for each of us to see. It is blessing me and making me think about how Melissa's dream to bring us all together, is just what the Lord ordered! Keep them coming!


Becky said...

I ditto that comment. And I can't tell you how much I needed you all in this trying time of life. If you could add some prayers to mine for the current-fragile state of my marriage I would appreciate it. I really hope God helps us get to the ten year mark in Dec and beyond. Hubs is a work-aholic who travels Mon-Fri and sometimes more. We just talked for the first time since Sat right before I started reading Melissa's book. Prayers are MUCH appreciated.

Linda Stubbs said...

Becky, My heart is sad for you I will pray. God restored our son's marriage. He can do it for you. I will pray for your honey. I am sure it is hard to walk.
Praying, Linda

Patty said...

I'll keep you in my prayers to0. Marriage is hard work, sometimes it seems easier to throw in the towel and walk away but the rewards are worth the effort.