Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(It’s All About) Me

Here ya go, Linda…  This was fun!

What is your full name (maiden also)? Iva Marie Lane McAdams

What is your age? 53 (gasp!! cough, cough… where did the time go??!!!!)

Where were you born and raised? Shawnee, Oklahoma

When did you meet your husband? About 20 years ago when he came to the company where I worked to do an environmental audit.  I thought he was arrogant and full of himself.  It took him nearly 10 years to convince me he was really a pretty decent guy :D

How many children do you have? 1 daughter, 2 sons, and 1 son my hubby is sweet enough to share with me

How many out of the house? All of them….

How many in the house? I really dislike being an empty nester!!!!

How many grandchildren, if you have any? 3, two boys and 1 girl

Do you do the cooking or does your husband? I do, and for the most part enjoy it.  However, Jerry is an excellent cook and I am always happy to let him make me a meal any time he wants.

Do you live in the city or in the country (farm)? In the ‘burbs.

If you could live anywhere other then where you live where would it be? My home state of Oklahoma, or North Carolina or Italy (both because they are SO beautiful).

Do you dye your hair? Absolutely!  It’s fun, but when my hair does completely gray, or silver, or whatever it’s going to do, I’ll let it go natural.

What is your favorite past time? Sewing, quilting, reading, or exploring new places.

What is your favorite color or color combinations? pink, red, yellow, green, pastel orange, lilac, black…. hmm – I love color!

What kind of crafting do you like to do? sewing, quilting, and knitting (still learning)

What is a day like for you? Lately, my days are quite busy.  I start out by making breakfast for my sweetie; volunteer for two local organizations, so divide my time between them; Bible study has started up again, so there is studying and homework to do; then I have to fit in making dinner and a little (oh so little) housework and downtime.

If you could have something made for you what would it be? It would most definitely be the last house I plan to move into (my dream home).  That’s a few years down the road though, so I’ll continue to dream.

What is your favorite season? Why? Spring and Fall. I love the feel and scents of renewal, warmth and passionate storms that Spring brings, the crisp morning air and fragrances of Fall as well as a feeling of respite and settling in.  Plus, the abundance of beauty that comes with both seasons.

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? My children, and grandchildren.  They didn’t come on Christmas, but they are my greatest treasures and I am thankful daily for those precious gifts.

Do you have some story that would make us all laugh? We could call this my most humiliating moment – and I hope no one is offended….. My husband and I were in the local Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping for various items.  One of his favorite sections of the store is kitchenware.  We were checking out the pans and gadgets and then came upon the knives.  The really good ones that are locked in a glass case and a store clerk has to open it up for you.  We found someone to unlock the case because Jerry wanted a nice boning knife for slicing meats, de-boning chicken, that sort of thing.  Well, he found two that he liked and the store clerk patiently and sweetly waited as he debated which one would be the best choice.  Finally he turned to me and asked my opinion and without thinking I said, “Well, sweetie, I’ll leave that decision up to you because you’re the boner in the house.”  Both the store clerk and my husband were straining to keep a straight face, and as the realization of what I said struck me, I mumbled something about needing some pillowcases and left the two of them there with Jerry clearing his throat and saying, “Okay. Well.  I’ll take this one.”


Unknown said...

What do you like most about NC, Iva?

Linda Stubbs said...

Nice to know you Iva! How fun. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Thank you so much for filling this out. I am enjoying this quilting group....... can't wait till I get to the quilt shop to get some aqua!
Blessings, Linda