Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me Next

What is your full name (maiden also)? Patricia Ruth Hogan kept my own name when i got married.

What is your age? (answer only if you want to) 54 , but sometimes I still think I'm twenty-five.

Where were you born and raised? Palmer, MA

When did you meet your husband? He was a friend of my younger brother. I knew him in high school never paid much attention to him. Moved back home a few years after college we started hanging out as friends then one thing led to another.

How many children do you have? 1, a son 18. I would have like more children but J was the only child I carried to ful term. I was in my thirties when I had him , considered adoption but never followed  through... I have the privledge  of helping to shape young lives every day through my work . Guess that was God's plan for me.
How many out of the house? None

How many in the house? The boy

How many grandchildren, if you have any? Nada

Do you do the cooking or does your husband? Me, my husband's idea of cooking is dialing the phone for the local take out joint.
Do you live in the city or in the country (farm)? Small town
If you could live anywhere other then where you live where would it be? I like New England, probably Vermont, or maybe Virginia or Ireland. Yes I know VA  and Ireland are not part of New England : )

Do you dye your hair? Of Course. I went ngray in my twenties the year my Mother in Law passed from cancer. It was the drabest color gray.. been thinking about going natural but DH likes me blonde so I'll give it a litte  while longer.

What is your favorite past time? Quilting, reading ,spending time with my family.

What is your favorite color or color combinations? I like color, greens, reds, yellow... all colors.

What kind of crafting do you like to do? Quilting is my fav. but have tried all kinds stained glass, wood carving and others. Would like to learn how to knit can't crochet tried just can't do it.

What is a day like for you? During the school year I get up at 5:00 am take the dogs out. Get ready for work,
 Why? Get my son up  call him again ...tried not to fight with him. Drop him off at school, arrive at my school for 7:15. Work until 2:00 or 3:00 depending on the day... extra help and all. Come home take the dogs out. Have a cup of tea. If son has a soccer game go  to that. Call my Mom to see how her day went. DH arrives home around 3:30, spend some time with him, cook supper.  Sew ... take the dogs out ..Call my sister and touch base with her. Sew some more, spend some time on the computer. Or sometimes there's a class  I'm taking and that's stuck in there somewhere.

 What's your favorite season and why? I Like all the seasons ..I love snow glistening on the trees, I love the smell of early spring,and  the sounds of summer makes me happy. Love the fall in New England .. the color of the trees takes my breath away.

If you could have something made for you what would it be? A nice dinner!

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? The best Christmas gift I ever received was in 1993. My Father had just passed away from ALS on December 9th, and I had beenin a car accident and broke my neck. My son( who is named after my Dad) was only almost three, and he gave me a lilte gold heart bracelet. he told me how he rode his bike down to the store pickout the present and wrapped it up. When I opened the gift he said "Oh how pretty! What is it?" The look on his precious face is something that I will never forget. He makes my heart sing!


Do you have a story that would make us all laugh? Humm... I've thought about this and at first I didn't think I had one but here it goes... Years ago when the remake of the movie "The Fly" came out, a friend told me it was the best movie she ever saw. So one night DH and I decided to rent a movie ...I insisted on that  movie against DH's objections. It has to be the worst movie I have ever seen! It grossed me out so much that I couldn't watch it and tried to shut it off. DH told me, "You rented it you watch it." So I did . After it was over, I went to bed and he stayed up. I'm Laying in bed and I hear a scratching noise ..I thought it was may dog scratching.. I told him to stop it and rolled over. He kept scratching and it was really annoying me so I sat up in bed and started to yell at him. Just as I opened my mouth ... an arm came up out of nowhere  and landed on my lap! I let out the loudest scream ... and jumped out of bed and started to run out of the room tripping over my  DH hysterically laughing and rolling on the floor. I wanted smack him but it was kinda funny. :^D

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Linda Stubbs said...

Patty, you are a better women then me. I would of smacked HIM!!!!! I hate being scared!!!!!! I would not like to watch a scary movie. I get scared so easy. Loved reading about you. I really have appreciated all that have written. Thinks it helps all of us get to know each other a little better.
Blessings, Linda