Thursday, September 24, 2009

About me...

What is your full name (maiden also)? Carmen Patricia Studer Rigby (don't really like my middle name, but it's after my mom's best friend so that's cool)

What is your age? 33

Where were you born and raised? Washington State

When did you meet your husband? At a Christian School Conference. He was hot on the trail of my best friend (who had a boyfriend). He sat next to me to get more info about her and the conversation quickly turned to get info about me. I thought he was just chasing girls so I brushed him off pretty heavily but he kept pressing. We went on 8 dates and then he joined the Marine Corps. I thought I'd lost him forever. But, we continued corresponding through snail mail and got married in '93. I was 17.

How many children do you have? 4. 1 girl and 3 boys ages 14, 11, 8 (next month) and 5.

How many out of the house? none

How many in the house? All!

How many grandchildren, if you have any? none but if our daughter follows suit, I could be a Grandma in 5 years. EEEEEK!

Do you do the cooking or does your husband? Me me me! I love cooking and baking. My hubs can cook really well but BOY is he a MESSY cook!

Do you live in the city or in the country (farm)? Very country; the house we rent is on 6 acres and we are surrounded by fir trees.

If you could live anywhere other than where you live where would it be? Piombino, Tuscany

Do you dye your hair? Oh yeah! I've been dying my hair since I was 13. Right now it's just brown with chunks of blonde but I put ALL colors in. Pink, purple, blue...

What is your favorite past time? Knitting and Cooking

What is your favorite color or color combinations? pink and brown together & robin's egg blue, dark green and tan together

What kind of crafting do you like to do? knitting and I'm starting to sew a little more

What is a day like for you? Lately, my days are quite busy. Nobody judge here! LOL Let me preface my day by letting everyone know my husband works from home and we homeschool. SO, we get up about 10:30, wander around and try to wake up (ha!), do family chores, eat brunch, do school, more family chores, eat dinner, most evenings we entertain friends, more family chores, devotions and bedtime. Then after the kids are asleep my husband and I watch tv, read, listen to the radio, podcasts or books on mp3, or just talk...and I knit through all of it. :D

If you could have something made for you what would it be? My brother is an awesome craftsman. He loves to work with wood as his hobby. Anything he makes me is cool.

What is your favorite season? Why? Autumn!! It's the end of hot weather!!

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? This sounds totally selfish! BUT, it's my coach purse and wallet. My husband surprised me with both. Ah, love!

Do you have some story that would make us all laugh? Wow, mind went blank! I love to laugh, too! Ummm, well, I have a funny/mean story...I was living with my inlaws for a short time after we got married when hubs was in training for the USMC. I came home late from work and ALL the lights were off in the house which was unusual for them b/c they are major night owls and there's always a light blaring. The door was cracked which was also strange b/c they live in the I slowly creaked the door open and out pops my MIL screaming and laughing--ha ha funny joke--scared the wits outta me! The funny part was when I smacked her in the face for scaring me. She laughed and admitted she deserved it. Did I mention that my #1 pet peeve is people jumping out at me? LOL!

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Linda Stubbs said...

Carmen I laughed so hard at your funny. I did the same thing to my nephew. I was going outside from our house and getting into our van. He was sitting crouched in the front seat and when I opened it up he screamed at me. I just started hitting him. Hard! He was laughing. I wasn't. I hate being scared also.
I love what you wrote. Blessed my heart. Glad you homeschool. It is wonderful for the family!
Blessings, Linda