Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little About me- Gayly

What is your full name (maiden also)? Gaylette Ann (sorry, I'm a little funnny about sharing last names)

What is your age? 36

Where were you born and raised? Rural Kansas

When did you meet your husband? At Kansas State University on an IVCF inner city mission trip- He was so annoying:)

How many children do you have? 4- 2 1/2, 4, 4 & 6

How many out of the house? none

How many in the house? all of them

How many grandchildren, if you have any? none of those here for a really long time:)

Do you do the cooking or does your husband? I do most of the cooking unless it is grilling, making chocolate chip cookies or biscuits & gravy

Do you live in the city or in the country (farm)? we live in a really small town- about 600 people

If you could live anywhere other then where you live where would it be? I love South East Asia, I have lived in the Philippines and would go back, I'd love to live in China for a year or two.

Do you dye your hair? no... but the grey is starting to show up so we'll see :)

What is your favorite past time? my kids, quilting, traveling & photography

What is your favorite color or color combinations? I love color!!! I'm making a fall quilt right now with oranges and greens that I really love... Brights are a favorite... I also love the colors in Kansas Troubles prints! Ok, I don't really have a favorite I guess:)

What kind of crafting do you like to do? quilting, quilling, I used to make some jewelry

What is a day like for you? up with the kids, homeschool in the mornings, make lunch, naps, trips to the library, play with the kids, make supper, try to spend some time outside, read lots of stories, hopefully sew a bit before bed...

If you could have something made for you what would it be? scrapbooks for my kids- I am a terrible scrapbooker!

What is your favorite season? Why? Fall, cool weather, hot tea in the misty morning, football, falling leaves, the smell of baking pumpkin...

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? My grandfather's blessing on my husband's & my marriage (we got married on Dec. 30th and he passed away that morning.) we had a very special Christmas with him a few days before.

Do you have some story that would make us all laugh? hmmmmm.... many.... let's see... we once moved and left all our clothes in the dresser which was in the back of an open pickup. My husband was ahead of me driving down the interstate when one of the drawers came open and all my bras & undies went flying- they were hitting my windsheild, etc. We DID NOT STOP... I made him buy me all new ones!


Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you so much Gayle for answering the questions. You must of been doing so when I was writing the last post. You were 10:16 and I was 10:19. How funny. I loved you laugh answer. Would that be sooo funny or what? Nice you got all new!!!!!!!
Loved that about your Grandpa. Phil's mom had cancer 15 years ago and the next day after we had the best Christmas with everyone home she went into the hospital never to return back home. So glad you have that wonderful memory.
Blessings, Linda

Patty said...

what's up with the bra stories!?? :D Funny story.

Becky said...

What a great excuse to get some cute sets. Hope you milked that one for all its worth. I kind of feel sorry for Ryan if he is reading these stories. Although since he is married he might be immune to panty/bra embarassment. LOL. I love photography too...I make fabric money by taking real estate pics for a handful of realtors. And I do not scrapbook anymore...takes too long for me. has great photo books that really don't take long to make. I have made some of those for the girls and they love them. And the picture quality on the pages is wonderful.