Monday, September 28, 2009

Marie's Story

What is your full name (maiden also)? Marie Lynn Pabst Skolout

What is your age? (answer only if you want to) 30

Where were you born and raised? Colby, KS

When did you meet your husband? We were in the same class in school, complete opposites- He was the class clown and I was quiet. We were both in Ag classes together and were more friends than anything- but he always made me laugh. We started dating our Senior year and just celebrated our 10th anniversary this last June.

How many children do you have? Two- Samantha who is 4 and Tucker will be 2 in November.

How many out of the house? 0

How many in the house? 2 And of course we have our dogs- our kids before kids- Daisy, Kyler, Chewy and Samantha just got a new dachshund for her birthday. (Miko)

How many grandchildren, if you have any? 0

Do you do the cooking or does your husband? I do the cooking- Brad likes to deep fry- We always joke that if we ever opened a restaurant we would call it "Fried stuff with cheese" Ha, Ha

Do you live in the city or in the country (farm)? Farm- we live about 20 minutes from town on Brad's grandparents farm.

If you could live anywhere other then where you live where would it be? I don't think I could live anywhere else. I love the flat wide open spaces and being able to see for miles.

Do you dye your hair? You don't have to answer this. I have always liked to get highlights.

What is your favorite past time? Playing with the kids, riding horses, sewing, photography, working outside, shopping

What is your favorite color or color combinations? PURPLE (go WILDCATS!) I also like just a rainbow of colors- I love all the 30's reproduction material.

What kind of crafting do you like to do? sewing, scrap booking (although I am WAY behind on this)

What is a day like for you? Samantha goes to preschool on MWF mornings, she also has dance on Tuesday afternoon. We have our own manufacturing business- so sometimes I have to run errands for Brad and I am always working on paperwork. I also work part time for Farm & Ranch Realty and will work on auction days and I also work from home keeping their website updated. It seems that I am always cleaning and trying to keep up with the kids. They keep me busy pretty much all day. And with fall harvest approaching I will be driving truck alot.

What is your favorite season? Why? I really enjoy all the seasons, but my favorite time of year is wheat harvest. I have always been a farm girl and really enjoy working in the fields.

If you could have something made for you what would it be? A new saddle

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? This last year Brad gave me a mother's necklace with each of the kids birthstones- It was really special.

Do you have some story that would make us all laugh? Well with two little kids at our house there is never a dull moment. I thought Tucker was sleeping in his room and went to wake him up because we had to go to town, well he wasn't asleep he had taken the bag balm jar (like Vaseline) and smeared it all over his hair, face, ears and then he stuck all of his little cars and tools into the jar all over his room - It was quite a mess and his hair was greasy for days.

Samantha is really into acting out movies- some days she will only answer to Pocahontas or Mulan. If you have seen Pocahontas there is a talking tree called Grandmother Willow and Samantha will go out in the yard and sit under and trees and talk to Grandmother Willow. It is pretty cute - She has a great imagination!


Linda Stubbs said...

Nice to read about you! I love wheat harvest also. There is just something about hearing the combine fire up and hit the field. Living on a farm is wonderful and great for kids.

Loved the funny on your son. Oh my, that was a mess I am sure. It is hard to get out greasy stuff.

Blessings to you Marie.

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Hi Marie. That "wide open spaces" reminds me of Todd. Must have something to do with growing up here. I love the trees and would like to be surrounded by them but he says let him see out or he'll be claustrophobic!