Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Round Robin

Hi ladies.

Melissa sent a note to 7 of us still considering another year of a Dozen Quilters...and like she mentioned, I proposed that we do a Round Robin.

I must admit I have been giving this idea some thought for months now, but then I saw Old Red Barn Co on flickr floating the idea and I really wanted to join in...but the idea of joining in with complete strangers worried me.  I want a group of people I know and trust to stay on track.

This is how Dana describes round robin for any of you who are unsure:

1) A round robin -- depending on the number wanting to participate we separate into groups and do a traditional round robin. Let's say 6 in a group. Each of those six makes the center block for their own quilt. Then that center is sent around to each of the other six and each of the six adds a round to that center block. So you start with the center (your own), it is sent to person number 2 and she adds a round . . . around the center block . . . then sends it on to person 3 and so on. So if there were 6 people in the round robin group then it would run for 6 months and each month each person would be adding a round on someone's quilt.

So, I thought maybe we can brainstorm some guidelines for our own round robin.

How big should we start with a center medallion?
how wide should each round be?
what time frame should we give ourselves to do each round?
should we send fabric along with our medallion, or have each of us use from stash?
Am I forgetting anything important?

I propose we start after the holidays.