Thursday, August 27, 2009

What are you working on???

I am curious to hear what each of you are creating right now? Anything fun? I am working to finish a K-State Quilt for my nephew and a Wizard of Oz quilt for one of my nieces. I am also trying to finish 2 dresses for my girls to take with us on our vacation next week, we are planning to get some family pictures taken while we are traveling and I think they will look really cute... if I get them done:)

I'm also excited to get started on this group and beginning to think about what I want my month to be:)



Unknown said...

I'm working on a hodge-podge of items. All kinda of things going on @ tonya's sewing room. Check out my blog for the latest.

Jenny said...

Hi Gayly,
Thanks for asking!! I'm working on a baby quilt for my college roommate...just had a visit with her last weekend and it was nice to see her again...Im using blues and greens for the quilt ... trying to do pattern-less log cabin blocks...kinda improv, but it's not so great...but I'm learning from it and that is a good start!! It's the thought that counts, right!!
Have a great vacation with your family!

Becky said...

Lots of projects for me right now too. Thinking about starting an Etsy store and wondering if I even have time to go there. Just started cutting on my polka dot quilt. Sewed up the light blue ones...way more seams than I normally do on a square.
Supposed to be working on the tent-enclosure for my youngest's princess room. Only have the door sewn so far.
Material sitting there taunting me for a black, white, and red quilt. For a quilt made out of Heidi Grace's We Are Family line. Three quilts worth of material for three wedding present quilts.
And yesterday I made two pairs of linen look long shorts. And finished up four small purses for party bags. And before that was a baby quilt and a present for a birthday. I have sewn lots this week. But won't get to this weekend. Thanks for asking. (what a long answer!)

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Oh girls, you don't even want to see my sewing room these days. I'm getting ready for a BIG show called Whimmydiddle. They say 10,000 people attend, and as a past attender, I believe it. Piles of fabric everywhere in organized chaos. Does that make sense? Anyway, I was thinking to myself yesterday, I really am using up a lot of fabric. I think I could go shopping when this is all over! LOL And I also keep telling myself I will never do this again. Right now I'm working on coloring bags and hope to finish by the last day of August so I can devote most of September to purses. Just finished checkbook covers, wallets and coin purses. I have three in-progress quilts that are calling out to me and I keep telling them to wait until October. I definitely have enough scraps for some really scrappy quilts, and those are what I love best. Thanks for asking, Gayly!

Linda Stubbs said...

What a fun question. I just got done doing a few new ornaments for my store. I had a guessing thing going on my blog and it was a blast. The ladies all wrote in with ideas of what they thought my little snowman punch needle head was going to be. I guess you just need to go to my blog if you haven't already been there to read about it. It was sooooo fun. I gave away a little snowman pillow. I have to start thinking Christmas shop now or I will be over whelmed.I have my foot in fall and a foot in winter. Sounds like all you ladies are so busy also!! Well right now I am finishing up some tissue holders for Farmer's Market tomorrow. 3:00 in the morning will come real soon!
Blessings ladies, this is just to fun Gayly! Thanks for asking!

quilt'n-mama said...

I finished the girls' dresses this morning for our family pictures today at the church and next week on the beach! I am so excited! No more sewing for me until after vacation!

Thanks for sharing about all your projects. I really enjoyed hearing what you guys are working on:)

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

I've made a couple pincushions to brush up on my quilting and to make sure my sewing machine doesn't decide to do anything crazy. :)

And from the knitting spectrum, I am nearly finished with a ruffle scarf and have a couple other little projects that I need to wrap up.

Iva said...

The summer has pretty much zipped by without me accomplishing much of anything!

I've been slowly plodding along on the Danielle's Garden quilt, and have almost finished piecing it together. Need to finish up fast so that I can complete some outfits for my granddaughter and get them sent to her soon.

What a slacker I've been!! Even my blog needs attention. I think I've just been overly enjoying this wonderful Kansas summer we have had.