Monday, August 31, 2009

Linda Stubbs

Hello everyone, my name is Linda Stubbs. I am 57, a wife, momma, grammie and I love the Lord with all my heart. I am so excited about meeting new friends and all of the bios up so far are just wonderful. I think that we are going to have such a fun time doing this blog together.

Melissa, thank you for all that you have started here with "A Dozen Quilters". I have never done anything like this before, but I am game! It makes me a little nervous, but I am excited about having to get out of my comfort zone. I really can't wait to see the first block. Becky we are waiting! No pressure smile. Oct. seems like a long way offffff...... though.

A little bit about me. I am married to a precious Christian man. He is totally the love of my life. If anyone wants to read our love story it is on our blog. We just had our 35 anniversary. Yes! Together we have 5 children ranging from 15 to 37. Iva, I bet I am the oldest gramma in this bunch... you look so young.... smile! We lost two babies in between the girls and boys. I was 38 and 42 when I had the girls. I would still be having children, if the Lord would let me. Call me Sarah. I love children!!!! The oldest boys are married to three precious ladies. I am the Grammie of 9 wonderful grandchildren. Our two youngest are girls 15 and almost 18. We homeschool and enjoy them immensely. Tressa the oldest is our computer geek and Taylor is our cowgirl! They both are wonderful little cooks!
I started crafting when I was in high school. I loved Home Ec. I can remember the apron I had to make for my first project. I would sell my crafts to all my friends, never thinking I would make a living one day at selling my designs. After I got married I started doing lots of craft shows. As the boys got older they needed more of my attention. My husband thought that selling patterns of my designs would be a better way to go, because making product took so much of my time. It was really wonderful, because at that time I had inherited some money from my parents when they sold some of their land. I homesteaded with my parents in Alaska until I got married at 22. Love will take you places. Never thought Kansas would be the place, but I love it. Still miss my Alaska, but I love our farm! We decided to start Peace Creek Collections with some of the money and prayer. We had never done anything like this before just hand made items. . I had a new concept for designing the bodice of a jumper. It seemed to be just at the right time. Friends helped us and we just kept praying for open doors. We ended up gong to a newspaper company not far from our home to do the printing. All the doors opened in one week. We were so excited. Our patterns started selling very well. We also went into Country Sampler. That opened our company internationally and here in the states. It was so fun for me getting all these orders and letters of encouragement. There are wonderful crafters out there!!!!!!! Later on I had a chance to design fabric. I had never done that before, but the company we license with, Fabrics by Spectrix, taught us via phone calls. I didn't know how to paint and did all my work by cutting out stencils and stenciled all the work. It was the only way I knew how to do it. I am in the middle of writing our story of how the Lord has provided our every need, because now I paint (a true gift from the Lord). Anyway I have designed for them for 15 years now. Doing the fabric right from my little farm is a dream come true!!!!! I have the freedom to do all that I love and for that I am so very grateful.

Opening up a blog Prairie Flower Farm was another dream. We also have a blog store Peace Creek Collections Store. I am meeting so many wonderful women all over the world. I truly am a blessed women.

Now getting to do this with all you ladies is just wonderful! I can't wait to learn more about all of you. I am doing a questionnaire for our group. Thought it would be fun to help give us all a little news about what we like and dislike. Favorite mediums in crafts and design. I am working on that now and will get it posted soon. I have enjoyed each one of your posts and seeing you in a picture. Makes it more personal. Blessing to all of you and again I am soooooo excited to see what we will all come up with. It will truly be a fun journey for all of us.

Until next time,


Linda Stubbs said...

Okay, you know when you have to write in that little box, your post? Well I had know idea I wrote a book!!! So sorry. I could of wrote more since I am probably the oldest. Does that make anyone feel any better? Sorrryyyyy!
Blessings, Linda again

Linda Stubbs said...

Okay it is truly a Monday and my brain is fried!! The word is written! Not "wrote" a book. One of those days. I just wanted you to know I do speak English!!! Love, Me

Unknown said...

how cool to be able to design fabric, going to check out your blogs now.

Becky said...

I come from a family of six kids. And now that all but one of us has a significant almost has her dozen kids she originally wanted. God stopped her after six...which I think my dad is probably incredibly thankful for. I am the second oldest...and we only have one brother (who is getting married in December and my older sister and I are sewing the dresses for!) I love that you design patterns and fabric. How fun! I have played a bit recently with some photo manipulations on and am eagerly awaiting my swatches. Loved doing it! Glad to meet you! Blessings back to ya!

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi Tonya, I still haven't done my story yet. I am working on it though. I will let you know when I have finished it. My daughter in loves is named Tonya. How nice to meet you!

Becky how cool is that? I have never heard of spoonflower. I may look into that. I have done different collections that haven't been bought. I still think that they would sell. Most of the time only one person decides whether they want it or not. Like WalMart has one person, JoAnns has one and so on. It is up to their taste.
Let me know how it works for you. You will love it!!!!!!! I feel so blessed. I didn't know what I was doing at first, now it is easier to do. Blessings ladies!