Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi! This is a new site for a group of twelve quilters. I am a 32 year old full-time mommy who is also a crafter, seamstress (looks better than sewer), sometimes pharmacist, wife, taxi driver (for the kids), and a quilter. Also the family cook. Oh and I own a store called Creations Gallery which is a group of twelveish crafty people who sell their wares, from candles to soap to jewelry. It's a cute store. My blog spot is


Unknown said...

thanks so much for putting this together....I look forward to getting started

Unknown said...

Do you have a button we can put on our blogs for this? Or no advertisement?

Linda Stubbs said...

Melissa if you need to know how to do buttons my daughter will help. I did not know how to do that and she just learned how.
I think everyone is pretty excited. You are sooooooo smart to figure how to do all this .
Blessings, Linda

Jenny said...

Hi Melissa,
has anyone volunteered to go first? I have an idea in mind of what I am looking for, but am scar-dy cat to ask to go first!!

Unknown said...

I say we let Linda's daughter do the button, I tried with no success. When will we start? September? I'm anxious!! I'll even go first.