Monday, August 10, 2009


(photo courtesy of 5 year old, James) :)
Hi Guys! I am Carmen Rigby from Washington State. My husband, Jason, Pastors Northwest Church. (Check out his blog here) We have 4 children, and I stay at home and homeschool them. They are Hannah (14), Troy (11), Thomas (7) and James (5). We have 5 chickens and 1 cat. Normally we put in a garden but this year we chose to frequent our local Farmer's Market as often as possible. My mom has been an "on the side" seamstress ever since her first project was a raving success in Home-Ec class back in '58. My oldest sister can make a quilt with her eyes closed (I'm sure of it!) and my 2 others sisters love to craft as well as my sisters in law and aunts. However, my daughter and I are the ONLY knitters in our whole family!
I am excited to start this quilting project, to be a part of a new small community of quilters, making new friends and to immerse myself in this much needed crafty diversion.

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