Tuesday, May 11, 2010

another flower in the garden...

I hope you like your block. I was a bit intimidated when I got your package and realized that it was all handwork. But a new love I have found! As a child, I have beautiful memories of playing under quilts that the ladies of my church were quilting by hand to send to far away places to people in great need. It was under those hand quilted quilts with Godly women around us girls that God really planted the seed in my heart to love other and see their needs... it was there that the desire to serve my Lord started and my heart for missions and people grew. I have stitched this block the last few days while helping my sweet friend, Marsha, in her home, loving on our children and having quiet moments with my fabric, needle and cup of tea and the Lord! It was what I needed more than anything! Thank you! I have decided that I need to start one for myself that I can work on in quiet moments where ever I am! I can't wait to see your pattern!
And I would love to know where you get your pre-cuts... I'd like to get a few more:)
Blessings friend,

ps... I hope my hand quilting was ok... I have never done it before:) I watched for hours as a child though and I have been wanting to learn so this was a good start:)

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Linda Stubbs said...

Gayly, I am so excited that you enjoyed yourself. I did also when I learned how to do stitching this way. Yours looks beautiful! I love it! I love the story you told us. The memories we have from our past can resurface again at a later date, just like it did for you!

You gave me such a beautiful picture of you sitting at your precious friends home. Love it that you were there and now when I look at your block I will remember your story. How precious that you have served her so. I will go read about her later tonight. I can't wait to get the pattern done. I will be giving everyone from A Dozen Quilters one for helping me!

I will be sending you some more paper cuts.

You blessed me beyond with this post. Thank you!

Blessings, Linda