Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Flower for your Garden Linda

Hi Linda,
Got your block done just in time! I will mail with Melissa's block tomorrow. Wow! Doing this block really makes you realize how much work has gone into many of the old quilts we see today. I have never done a block like this before so I hope it looks okay Linda! My little boy kept jumping up on my lap tonight while I was working on it so there are some crooked stitches- Ha Ha!
I will be getting the June Block up late tomorrow afternoon- So be sure to check back tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a great memorial day! Special thanks to all of our troops and veterans!


Patty said...

Very Cute Marie.

Unknown said...

pretty red block...looks great

Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you so much Marie, looks beautiful!!!!!! As far as I am concerned, I just love hand quilting. Just knowing that your little boy was jumping next to you and having crooked stitches makes it all the better. I never seem to be uniform in my stitches. Some big, some little I think it is just my time that I put into it that makes it special.Thank you so much for your time! It looks so pretty!
Blessings, Linda