Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Stocking!

Okay I deliberated over the quilt for Project Linus but actually MADE my stocking so you would have inspiration.

Or not! Haha! I am a Christmas needs to happen after Thanksgiving gal but it was fun to work on the stocking regardless. I just did a freehand stocking pattern and winged it on construction. =O I am happy with it. Now I just need to go get a gift card for St. PJ's. I may look at their list again and put a few other things in the stocking that might be useful to sort of fill out the stocking. If anything I imagine some little chocolates might go over well! I know they are inundated with toys so I will steer clear of those kinds of things. Tempting as they may be. I cannot wait to see what you make! I know they will be appreciated. The staff was very excited about this idea. Know that whatever you have to offer will be graciously received.
Jenny Fish


Patty@inStitches said...

Sweet! and so cheerful! I relate to the 'Christmas after Thanksgiving', unfortunately I own a gift and quilt shop, so Christmas fabric is out year round. And today we were decorating trees and planning window decor. And both of us were saying "I can't believe we're doing Christmas trees on November 8TH!!! We are always the last ones out with Holiday items...A Time to Every Season.

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

How cute! Okay ladies, due to unforseen circumstances, Tonya needs to leave us. Will you all please help me look for another member so we can still be a dozen? We'll miss you Tonya.