Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall Y’all!

Beginning tomorrow anyway :)

Patty, my apologies for getting your block to you so late.  (Seriously need to do a better job of pressing it – amazing what pictures bring out!)


And, Tonya, here is your block. 


These will go in the mail tomorrow, ladies.

Being a part of this wonderful group of ladies has been an enjoyable experience.  I will look forward each month to seeing the charity projects the new A Dozen Quilters group create.

Blessings to you all!



Patty said...

Blocks look wonderful Iva, thank you!

Tonya said...

oh la la, i'm loving that block

Melissa Stramel said...

We'll miss you, Iva. Thanks for making it a great year. I hope everyone who can no longer be in our group will still follow along and see what we're up to. No goodbyes, right?

Tonya said...

I got Patty's block in the mail today from Iva. Iva, if it's ok, I'll forward it on to Patty?

Patty said...

I have your block and will put it in the mail tomorrow Tonya.

Iva said...

And I was trying to be so careful since my mind was preoccupied with another issue.... Thank you both for your patience. I will happily reimburse your postage.

Patty said...

no worries, Iva I've come close to doing the same thing myself.