Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Choose Iva

Here are the two blocks for this month, let me know which one you want and I'll get it in the mail some time this week. You said you liked color, I hope these live up to your expectations.  This was a fun block to make, I just sewed and whacked. I must say that I've looked forward to the first of every month this year. 
Happy sewing. :^)


Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

These are too cute.

Iva said...! Patty, you did a fantastic job on these, and I absolutely love them both. The happy colors in the 2nd block are exactly what I had envisioned, but the dramatic touch of the dark green and purple in the first are wonderful! What a difficult decision :D

So... I think I'm going to go with... what a tough choice... ok... the first block.

Thank you so much!

Patty said...

The first block it is then, I'll get it in the mail as soon as I can.