Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For Gayly, finally!

Hi ladies, I really feel so bad about getting this up late. As Gayly knows I started her block way back and ruined it. I was trying something very special, by doing a paper piecing block that was so neat. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. Sad. Soooooooo, I wrote Gayly to buy some new fabric from her. Then caring for my dad, trying to keep our little business going and then almost loosing my Dad....... need I say more? Life has been very difficult and yet in the midst of it all the Lord has been sustaining my precious family. Please understand I am so sorry Gayly that this didn't get done for you sooner. I am truly worn out by life. Can't imagine if I didn't have the Lord to walk with me.

I hope you like, Gayly. I will get it out for you hopefully today.

Iva, I will be starting "VERY" soon on yours. Smile. I love all the work that you all are doing for one another. It is so refreshing to see everyones personalities come out! Thank you again Melissa for all your hard work at getting this going!!!!

Blessings, Linda


Iva said...

Linda, your block is beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your dad and will be praying for him and for you.

Linda Stubbs said...

Sweet Iva, thank you for your kindness. I really enjoyed doing the block. Thank you for praying for my Dad and myself. We can really use it. I just seem to be a little on the worn out side. smile. He got out of ICU today and for that we are very grateful. He is not out of the woods yet, but stable. Thank you again. Linda

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

Linda your block for Gayly is beautiful. I love the yellow.

Praying for you!