Sunday, February 14, 2010

My brain sure had trouble with wonky

This was my second attempt...the first never made it past the second row. For some reason my brain does not like wonky blocks. Normally I make two blocks...but this time it was all I could do to make one. Don't know why it just wouldn't compute. Hope it's not too horrible!


Iva said...

Well, Becky, for someone who had so much trouble with wonky, you did great!

I love how your block turned out, and I greatly appreciate the effort you put into it!!!

(p.s. I would bet that first block is salvagable too -- remember, there are no rules to this style;)

Becky said...

The original one was not flat. I may have been able to make it into a cell phone bag. LOL. Not sure where I went wrong on it. The girls might decide they need it for something.

Kim said...

I think it is cute! And my brain had a hard time with this one too...not because of the wonky part, but the squaring off part! lol.

Love the bright blues you choose!