Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gayly's Blocks

I went through all the envelopes today as I was packing up the sewing room (well... working on packing it up:) and thought I would post who's blocks I have received. They look more awesome in person that on the blog. I am really excited about this quilt:)

I have blocks from Marie, Carmen, Melissa, Jenny, Tonya and Patty. I know several others posted their blocks, they just haven't arrived late and a couple people mentioned theirs would be late which is ok:) I just thought I would let you know who I have:)



Becky said...

I keep forgetting to buy an envelope to put it in. Your square is still sitting on my cutting table where it has been since I moved in. Sorry. Maybe I should go make this month's and that will help me remember to buy envelopes!

Iva said...

Gayly, mine will be in the mail on Friday. So sorry for the delay!!! But was planning to add a little something extra, as with the others, and time just got away from me, which happens a lot now that I'm working again.

Linda Stubbs said...

Mine is coming also. You know the situation here and I will try real hard to finish it up and off by the first of next week. Thank you for being understanding.

Blessings, Linda