Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Dozen Quilters Quilt Top

My Dozen Quilters Quilt Top, originally uploaded by carmen215.

The only thing left to do is QUILT it!

Now I'm stumped! All my other quilts were little (crib, doll) and I tied them.

Hand quilt? Machine quilt? Where do I start?

Suggestions? please?


Linda Stubbs said...

Oh my Carmen, how beautiful is your quilt. Makes it all worth it doesn't it. Very pretty. I see my square. That is so neat how we all worked together and look what you have. I love it!! I am not sure what to do. Always depends on your time. I love handquilting the most, but it does take so much time. If you could find some ladies that would help you that would be so pretty.

Thank you for letting us all see. Very pretty,
Enjoy! Linda

Patty said...

Carmen your quilt looks wonderful. You can finish it a variety of ways, hand quilting does take time, you could tie it and it will hold up nicely, or you could machine quilt it following the lines of the strips.Just make sure that you baste it really well and keep checking the back for bunching, or you could send it out to have it quilted by a long arm quilter. you could get an edge to edge or a stipple for a reasonable price. My sister,who is a LAQ, says depending on the size of the quilt and how dense the quilting pattern is, you can probably get it quilted for about $60-70. however you decide to finish it I'm sure it will beautiful.

Iva said...

Carmen, your quilt is lovely and however you decide to finish it will only make it more so.

Patty's idea for straight-line quilting is a great option, as is an all-over big wavy stipple. If you wanted to attempt this yourself and need a tutorial, you can find one at (listed on her sidebar under Tutorials).

Have fun!

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

First of all many thanks for your suggestions!!! I was stumped! Okay. I checked into a LAQ but the only one I could find was too far away. I know there is probably a local one but I have yet to find her. (New goal!) I then tried to machine quilt it with a walking foot on my Bernette with a brand new needle (Yes, mother, I changed the needle) and my bobbin thread was beyond loopy. I thought I had it all figured out but then the thread kept snapping and/or coming unthreaded and I was coming unglued SO I have opted to hand quilt! I figured it's supposed to be a shabby chic quilt anyways so hand done will fit perfectly! I've just been going in lines straight across since there are so many varying sized rectangles. I have about the top 6 inches done so far. I "cheated" and instead of basting I used spray adhesive. It's working really well. Thanks again for your help!! I would give you guys a hug if I could. ;)

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Nice choice. You will really love it now! I bet if you go to your local quilt shop they will direct you to some long arm quilters.