Tuesday, May 24, 2011

June Project- A repeat of May

Hello everyone,
Leisel and I must have had the same idea in mind when choosing a project. Our Church has a women's group and one of their projects this year has been to make pillowcase dresses for girls in Haiti. I meant to get this post up earlier this month before everyone started making their dresses but of course I am a little behind. I do a have a pattern that we used and it uses any size pillowcase or you can make your own. The pattern is a pdf form and I will email to all of you. I know everyone gets really busy in the summer so don't worry about getting it to me right away. You can just mail the dresses to me and I will put with the other dresses our church is sending.
Thank you for taking the time to sew these dresses- I'm sure you will be making a little girl very happy!!

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