Thursday, February 16, 2012

my starter block

Here is my starter block Ladies!
I know, I know...a bit off the wall.  I used this type of flower in a recent quilt I made and this was my trial and error flower.  My daughter thinks it looks like a obviously, im pretty hard to offend!

I am really influenced by Gwen Marston, Sarah Fielke and Jean Wells.  I would love to see more interpretations of your flowers on this quilt...any flower at all.

I prefer modern fabrics or solids.
I would like for everyone to sign a siggie block that I can encorporate into my label.  Maybe if you could just use a piece of fabric that you use in your section of the quilt...sign it and date it...and maybe your city/state and have that travel along with the quilt. 


Unknown said...

Awesome! It's so creative. I can't wait to stretch myself with this!

Jenny said...

I am mailing my block out to Marie today!! Im using delivery confirmation just to be safe!!
have fun with it!!