Monday, June 28, 2010

July Block

Hello everyone! I've put July's block and instructions in the mail to everyone. Be looking for it . . . It's a Christmas quilt for my little boy and will follow in Marie's footsteps, a diappearing 9-patch with a twist.

Just want to make a quick note to tell everyone to be really careful how you cut and sew. You can't get the right sized block if it isn't first cut right. I think a rotary cutter, mat and quilter's ruler are essential. Secondly, please watch your seams. Not only do the wrong sized seams make the wrong sized blocks, but too thin seams will make the block fall apart. Too thick make it bulky and lumpy. I'm sending instructions along with your block to make sure the seams you're using are exactly 1/4". Please take the time to do it. We all spend so much time on the blocks to have to try to deal with ones that are way off. I know there are those of you who have had to redo blocks. Or cut them down. Or add sashing. None of these is appropriate. Sometimes it's good to just slow down and make sure it all comes out right. If the finished size is 12 1/2", it should be that exact size. However, it's my personal opinion that 12 1/4" - 12 3/4" is appropriate. Definitely no more off than that. Any opinions?

I hope this doesn't come across as mean. I just want everyone to fully enjoy this experience in our group.

Love, Melissa


Unknown said...

meanie......jk...some of those blocks could be mine.....i'll slow down and take my time, i do better work that way anywho

Patty said...

I hope none of mine were so off that they had to be redone, if they were/are please let me know, because I will gladly redo the block.I've tried to be careful about my measurements, but I agree with you, Melissa, that a 1/4" off is acceptable. But we should also remember that some of us are novice quilters, and we should be understanding of the the learning curve. Also everyone machine sews differently, I know when I start something on my Bernina and then switch to my featherweight, the seams are not exactly the same, that being said I think that everyone should strive to do their best work.

Jenny said...

Looking forward to it Melissa, I really liked doing the disappearing 9 patch this month!

also looking forward to the info you send on perfect 1/4 inch seams...ive tried putting tape on my machine and that doesn't do it for me. Slowing down is probably the key!! My sincere apologies if I have sent out any ill-constructed blocks!!

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

Hi Melissa, hey how can you expect perfection in a quilt block when the very instructions you sent weren't perfect? Tsk tsk. LOL

So just letting you know I got the package and plan to start on it soon; my daughter "ordered" a cover for her bicycle seat so I'm going to get that done first.

Have a great hump-day everybody!

Kim said...

I got my packet too Melissa....and was a little confused at first since I didn't see this post prior. "John Dear Christmas?" was my guess for the theme, lol. Love the fabric you sent & think your son is going to get an awesome quilt! :)

Well, I know a few of mine have been less than perfect, sorry guys! I'm still learning and even when I redid some they still came out too small or whatever. So I will enlist Christy's help with your block Melissa and do my best to make sure it is the right size! <3

Iva said...

Melissa, your package arrived today. Can't wait to get started since I haven't seen this version of disappearing 9-patch. I'm intrigued!