Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friendship Star Block for Jenny

I wasn't sure if I needed to use all the colors you sent, or just a few. I choose all, I think they look great together. I hope you like this block. It went together very easily. Thanks for providing the fabric. I will get this in the mail in the next few days.


Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Hi Tonya. Cute block!
I just wanted to write a little note to let everyone know that I am in a quilting contest and would appreciate it if you would vote for your favorite quilt at:
It's a monthly deal, so I hope to be in it another month. You won't know you are voting for me, but everyone put time into their quilts and it would be too bad if not a lot of people voted.

Jenny said...

oh Tonya, its great, thanks so much! oh this is already fun!!

Unknown said...

hey jenny, i'm a flake and can't remember if I mailed this or lost it? can you let me know if you got it? thanks.....lol