Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Second Time's the Charm

Here my second block for Patty's quilt. This time I paid attention and made all the right cuts. I agree with Melissa, you are going to have a beautiful quilt.
It's been a great year ladies and I wish you all well, good luck with all your future endeavors.


Jenny said...

nicely done patty, i love how the dark pink sets the points off!
its beena pleasure sewing with you!

Patty@inStitches said...

OH, Patty, you didn't have to do a second block, the other one was very good, and we could hardly see the 'repair'. But thank you so much for providing another, it means I have a spare. :-)
I once bought a quilt top (very old) made by a lady who was truly 'green'. She had hand-pieced little slivers of fabric together to make big enough pieces to cut out her blocks, and had meticulously matched the prints so you could hardly tell! Some of the slivers were less then 1/2 an inch wide.... There you go Melissa, a way to use up ALL those scraps.
It's been fun..........