Thursday, September 22, 2011


This has been an exciting week!
First a picture of the first three Dozen Quilter blocks:

I really think this quilt is going to be awesome! I don't usually do sampler type quilts, but with the blocks coordinating by fabric, I think someone is going to love it!

I showed you a picture of the the Queen's Quilt I just finished for Breast Cancer Awareness, didn't I?
Well, this is what I did with the left over fabric. A Honeybun has a lot of fabric in it! And this one is so different from the other one! Now I need to quilt it, and then it will hang at the Hospital the month of October, until we give it away!

And this one is extra special (so are the two sweethearts pictured).  It's a signature quilt for Donnie and Julie.  He had a major stroke a short time back, and is currently in rehab. All their friends are invited to stop in and sign the quilt.
The fabrics are Dragonfly Summer by Holly Taylor of Moda. The pattern is Confetti Cake from Pieced Tree Patterns.  I hope to get it quilted tonight!


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So fun to see the other blocks! I sent my block at the beginning of the week. I hope you got it! =D