Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm finally caught up!

Here are Jenny's flying geese and Kim's star!

Jenny, I had so much fun making flying geese with the tutorial you listed! There are 16 finished in the package coming to you and there are 4 more 1/2 finished... I ran out of fabric but I sent them to you in case you have enough to finish them!
Kim, I finished your star as well and it will go in the mail tomorrow as long as you like the colors. I love this star pattern, we used it a couple of years ago for stars in red, white and blue for some quilts we made for soldiers coming home. I want to make another throw using it I think!


Kim said...

Wow Gayly! You made a whole flock of geese!

And I love the star block you made for me! Thank you so much...the colors and patterns look perfect! :)

Jenny said...

thanks gayly they are terrific.