Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star of Hope for Gayly

Here is my square. Called Star of Hope. It is not perfect. I had trouble with measuring and marking for some reason. I made mine out of a different print...because it reminds me of sun setting or rising in the clouds. And of course, hope is my favorite word right now so I got excited to see one with the word hope in it. I hope it is usable and isn't too off.


Patty said...

Like them both!

quilt'n-mama said...

I like both of them! I love the word Hope as well. I think we all too often forget or give up hope- when it is honestly something amazing to grab hold of.
It think it looks great!

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

Aw rats, Becky! LOL That's the pattern I was gonna do. You beat me to it! I am still waiting for my fabric from I don't have a big ol' stash like you guys do. ;) Now yarn on the other hand....

Beautiful block Becky!! Have a great weekend everybody.