Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two for You and Two for Me UPDATE!

Excuse me for writing on top of this post, but I'm looking for a new sewing machine and I know you gals have an opinion. Can you e-mail me what you like and don't like about your machines? Even if it's old, tell me about it. A lot of times the brand trends in the same way. Thank you so much! Bless you, Melissa

Hello again, Carmen! Here is a much better picture of your two blocks. Can you use both?

Then, here are my two blocks, Becky's and yours. I'm going to have a beautiful quilt! I made mine a bit brighter than yours.
Love, Melissa


Jenny said...

Your blocks look great Melissa...I feel like a real ding dong, cause NO I don't really recognize any of the fabrics as mine...unless I sent that Heather Baily? Your blocks are beautiful...

Carmen, what size quilt are you making, cause I definitely think 2 blocks are in order...such a pretty, and easy block...I don't use many soft florals, so Im looking forward to working on this for you!

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

Hi Jenny,
I planned to lay out the blocks 4x5 -- I don't know the exact measurements -- and I was going to space them with pure white cotton sheeting. (It would make like a twin size) I knew I would have 12 blocks from the Dozen Quilters and then I was going to make the rest to finish it. However, if I get more than 20 I'll really be able to make a nice big comfy quilt! :D


Linda Stubbs said...

Carmen, can you please let me know how I can get a hold of you. I tried to email you earlier with the email I have from Melissa, but I haven't heard from you yet. Maybe I did it wrong! My email is I just have a question for you. Thank you, Linda

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

I got my quilt squares from Melissa yesterday...they are even prettier in person! :) Thanks Melissa!