Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carmen's block by Becky

I have to tell you, this one was hard for me. Jefferson City does not carry much in the way of pastels or shabby chic or roses this time of year. My manager friend at JoAnn's actually came over and asked me if I was alright as I was standing there staring. Literally. Hope that you like it and the colors work for you. They are not true on the photo...its more of a light sky blue than an aqua-ish blue. (I have to re-find some confidence!!!)
Love ya!


Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

They're gorgeous! Thanks so much Becky, sorry it was hard to find fabric; I didn't even consider the time of year as I buy all mine online.

Have a great week!

Carmen Rigby-Willson said...

Becky I wanted to say thanks and to let you know I got the blocks!! Can't wait to put this all together!!