Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jenny's block n border

Okay Jenny, your first border is done and off to Christy.

I was going to do the green in chevrons all around - but it purely overpowered the block.
I hope you enjoy it - it was quite a learning experience for me! I way over estimated the number of half-squares I was going to need - and I'm supposed to be 'good' at numbers.  Well, I could do a pretty major border with what I have left - so I guess I better start planning a quilt - from the outside in this time!

And did anyone know that when you cover the flash with your finger (I have no idea how to turn the thing off) that everything comes out pink? The flash was washing out the close-up of Riddy on the flowerpot - so I guess now he has really superior night vision.....

Have a blast with this one Christy, it was fun!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

oh Patty, how fun! thanks for taking care of my baby! its adoreable! You should get Hollie's today or tomorrow.