Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April Project - Wonky Star Sampler Blocks and Mostly Solid Preemie Quilts

Hi Ladies,

Most everyone has commented and it looks like everyone is having as hard a time deciding between the two as I am. We'll move forward with both projects (Wonky Star Sampler Blocks and Mostly Solid Preemie Quilts) but you can participate in one or the other or both depending on what your schedule allows. I also want to mention that if you just want to make a preemie quilt top that's totally fine too! I can finish the top with fabrics and batting from my own stash.

Please post photos of your progress or finished work. I will be posting photos of my progress for both projects here, on my blog, and in my flickr stream.

The details and inspiration mosaics for both projects are in my earlier post but there are a few important details I want to highlight again...

Wonky Star Sampler Blocks

  • Your unfinished blocks should measure 12.5" (they will finish at 12") but you can make the stars within each block as small, large, off-set, and wonky as  you would like. I love the variance in the quilt in progress here:

  • I don't really mind if you press your seams open or closed. I have found that where triangles are concerned, it helps to press them open but I understand if you would prefer not to. It does take more time upfront. 
  • Backgrounds should be purple solids, stars should be purple prints (see inspiration mosaic here and here). I'm not limiting you to a brand or to certain colors of solids but they should be 100% cotton and sturdy. I would prefer we stick to prints and not batiks for the stars. It's not that I don't like them, it's just not the look I am going for. 
  • If I need to send you some purple prints (or solids) please let me know as soon as possible so I can get some in the mail. Again, these should be 100% cotton. It is fine to use 80cotton/20linen blend for the stars (prints like HR Far Far Away 2, Echino, etc)
  • I will be making two quilts from these blocks, one for the little girl I mentioned and one for her parents to auction off to raise money for her care. 
Mostly Solid Preemie Quilts

  • As the heading indicates, I would love it if you used mostly solids for these quilts (inspiration mosaic here and plenty of good browsing on flickr). That being said, I will not turn down any quilt or quilt top you want to send our way. The hospital has 75 beds and I am hoping to donate enough for them to give all of the babies a quilt. More details can be found in the flickr discussion post.
  • Our guild is planning on donating quilts on a regular basis so you can participate in the challenge now and/or in the future.
  • The minimum size is 29"x29", the maximum size is 45"x45". They can be square or rectangular. They can have squared or rounded corners.
  • All materials should be 100% cotton including fabric, thread, and batting. 
  • Applique is ok but synthetic bonding material like heat and bond is not (no spray basting either). You can use elmer's glue or a different kind of washable fusing material. Hand embroidery is ok but tight, stiff, machine embroidery is probably not ok. Preemie skin is very sensitive and anything abrasive is not good for them.
  • I am going to be washing these all together in baby safe detergent before I take them to the hospital so please make sure you use dye lock materials. I am hoping to avoid bleeds!
Here's a couple of photos of my most recent quilt top for this challenge: 

NOVA MQG Preemie Quilt

NOVA MQG Preemie Quilt
Feel free to comment on either post on this blog or email me directly if you have any questions. I will try to respond within minutes but definitely within 24 hours. It is not required to send a photo with your blocks/quilts like for Hollie's project but if you want to I will include it in the card I send with the quilts. Both projects are local for me so don't worry about sending money for shipping (we do that in do.Good Stitches {A Charity Bee}). I REALLY appreciate your willingness to help me with these projects.

Happy Quilting!


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